Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tomlin Press Conference..

Well, I lied, I'm back...

I just saw the Mike Tomlin Presser on FSN and wow, does this guy just continue to impress me. First off, the crazy bastard wore jeans to the presser...not too often you see a coach in the stuffy NFL so casual tuesday morning, or if they are they're all decked out in the newest Reebok team gear, not jeans and a button-down. My man's got style, and that's before he even opened his mouth.

When he started talking he told the reporters that their opinions don't matter and that he laughs at some of the stuff they write...Bold move, young man, calling out the likes of Ed Bouchette...suprisingly though, old Ed didn't seem to mind. On the Sportsbeat post conference show he said he enjoyed the banter and was very impressed.

From what I've seen, heard and read, that seems to be the word that best describes Tomlin...Impressive.