Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Diego's Steelers Recap...

I’m going to start off my Steelers recap with a quote from one of the greatest movies of all time, Super Troopers, and the quote is, “desperation is a stinky cologne”. I feel that this quote fits perfectly for the way the Bungal’s were playing yesterday, desperate. After winning their opener against the Ravens, the Bung’s dropped 4 in a row so they needed a win in the worst sort of way at home against the Steelers yesterday. Too bad for them, the Steelers ended their season for the third straight year, beating them at home 24-13.

I don’t know which was better, seeing Chad Johnson get lit up and fall face first and helmet less to ground, seemingly spitting out his grill along the way, or seeing all of the Bung’s fans and players in Paul Brown Stadium hanging their heads in shame, as they've been used to doing for most of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Ah yes, they were both lovely sites to witness as I sat back drinking beer and eating 15 lbs of delicious ribs courtesy of Anderson’s Meat and Poultry in the Strip with some of my dudes.

The Steelers offense proved to be too strong for the sorry excuse for a defense the Bung’s put out on the field Sunday. Big Ben had a great day, mostly due to the fact that he had all day to throw. Our offensive line, which looked eerily similar to a turnstile against the weak Denver D line, held up strong today in one of the best efforts put forward by the collective group all year. Not only did Ben tear apart their secondary, but Hines Ward also seemed to return to previous All-Pro form, scoring two TD’s in the first half. On one TD he beat 1st round pick Leon Hall badly on a double-move leaving him wide open in the end zone. If Hines cheesin’ after every catch weren’t enough for you, we were also treated to not one but two of his patented end zones celebrations.It's good to know that knee injury hasn’t hurt ole Hines’ dance moves. FWP, I actually heard on the radio that he doesn’t like that nickname we gotta think up a new one, also got back to form rushing for over 100 yards and for the third TD of the 1st half.

After getting shredded up pretty well and good last week Dick Lebeau had the defense ready to go out there and hit and someone in the mouth this week. Any time a Bungal player would touch the ball someone on the D was making them pay for it. One player that especially stood out was 2nd year safety Anthony Smith out of Syracuse. This guy is a human battering ram and if you don’t believe me call Douchemanzada and ask him because 84 got lit up on a more then a few occasions by the up and coming Smith. The defensive line deserves another shout out, even though Kenny whats his name got 90 yards, they hit him so many times he had to leave the game with a concussion, and lets not forget that’s another week holding a RB under 100 yards. Silverback gorilla James Harrison also made a hellava play when he tomahawk chopped the ball from Watson's hands giving the Steelers back the ball. Harrison has been having an awesome season stepping in at starter at outside linebacker. Lets not forget to show love to the secondary; Ike and company handled business continuously covering the deep ball, while avoiding taking penalities.

What in the hell happened to the Bung’s? They haven’t been the same since imploding at halftime of the Steelers playoff victory in Cincy two years ago. This team has a lot of talent offensively, but the defensive minded coach, Marvin "The Martian" Lewis, better get this act together soon or all this turmoil is going to cost him his job this off season. Bring on them Ravens Monday Night, your boy Diego is going so I will see yinz there…

All and all a good week in sports see you guys next week look out for my top 10 column coming out later this week….